Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Look Out #1/Just Out #1

Weekly, bi-weekly, or whenever weekly, we'll try and keep you up to date on records worth watching for (Look Out) and records worth grabbing (Just Out).


Rockbottom Records has been a favorite for a while (check out the Humanoids 12" as soon as possible), so it's always nice to hear about new material. Especially when it's a slew of EP's from bands like Loser Life and the Conversions. The site just upped some new tracks by Autistic Youth and Loser Life, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

Immediate future: RBR#9: American Cheeseburger/Canadian Rifle 7", RBR#10: Loser Life "Life Number 2" 7", RBR#11: Autistic Youth 7"
Not too distant future: Canaveral 7", Humanoids 7", Lost Boys 7", The Conversions 7"

Shorebirds owe me some more material before I wear out the self-released EP from last year. Latterman and Jawbreaker alums do it right, and they should be doing it even better soon. Expect some new material off a comp and the bigger news, a summer release for the debut twelve song full-length "It's Gonna Get Ugly" on Rumbletowne.

Going Underground Records can't stop won't stop, nor should they. Two new releases expected for May, both of which you will get: So Cow 7" and Harpoon Guns 7". Especially don't miss the HG.

16oh looks like they're finally going to stop teasing and start delivering on the Bookburner 7". All the parts are finally in, so the release should be right around the corner. Now if only we could do something about that Neighborhood Threat 7"...

Clean Plate may be a bit inoperative right now due to Will Kill's heavy everything schedule, but once he's back from the Ampere tour in June, expect a confirmed treat, the Failures LP (like Ampere? like Das Oath? like this) and a hopefully not too distant announcement about the Aerosols LP.


Christ on Parade "Loud and Live" LP. Prank was kind enough to rerelease "Sounds of Nature" recently, and now a new gift: 13 live tracks from the 2007 tour. All original material, all killer. You know what this sounds like, so get it. Released by Prank Records.

Endless Blockade "Primitive" LP. Split, split, split, full length, and now another one. All brutal, all the time. Limited cover gone, but plenty of the regular still available. I suggest you get this already. Released by 20BuckSpin.

Flaws "Erect Nation" LP. Stumbled across this while being curious about Tiny Hawks. Featuring members of Tiny Hawks, Palatka, etc., you owe it to yourself to try and find it (these dudes give "off the radar" a new meaning). Exactly how you'd expect all those bands to sound wrapped up into one. Released by Obscurist Press.

Running for Cover "Dark Well" LP. Oh, you're into hardcore? Power violence, you say? Running for Cover provides a reality check for all those newjacks who need it. Seriously, listen to the drums. Released by Art of the Underground.

Who Calls So Loud 2x10". This is some packaging, and some wax. Ex-members of Funeral Diner pick up where Funeral Diner left off. That's about all the info you need. Released by Sorry Records and Adagio830. A bit pricy, so try to track down some local distros for this.

Reviews, Friends, and More Shit

We may not be back until the fall, but that doesn't mean the hits won't stop coming. In the mean time, we'll try and keep you abreast of as much as possible with more reviews and more news. We'll also be sprucing up the linkage and doing a little more house cleaning, so don't lose track.

Also, make sure to check out Hulk's Music Corner early and often. It's Loser Life's own Steven's music blog, which is more on and to the point than we ever will be, probably. Get into it.

Punch "Eyeless" EP

There's playing fast, then there's playing fast. Knocked-off knock-offs muck up the landscape right now, but it's good to know that the real deal still has the unparalleled ability of actually knocking you on your ass. Punch lives up to the name, meting out some real punishing speed. There's no real time to catch your breath here; the breakdowns are too heavy to really start sucking wind. Any doubts of 625 and the Bay Area's relevant need for speed are put to rest right here. Not since Get Destroyed have I been this devastated by an EP, and where as those Snottsdale ragers were content to approximate the Man Is the Bastard treatment, Punch brings some of the harshest female vocals this side of, well, I don't even know. "Fuck prevention/we can't market that." No, you can't.

Split release from 625 Thrash and Discos Huelga. Band on tour right now.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

THE INLAND EMPIRE ORGY: Friday May 2 10pm-5am

The regular season is over, but that doesn't mean we aren't going for the pennant. Check in at www.whrb.org and www.recordhospital.org for plenty of great orgy programming--for the uninitiated, orgies are large blocks of themed air.

First up for us: The Inland Empire orgy. The past few weeks have been dominated by bands too fucked for L.A., and that's been through no fault of our own. It's fitting, then, to have these seven hours to look back at some of the great music coming out the Empire, including:

Crime Desire
Human Mess
Loser Life
Waco Fuck

and much more from Going Underground Records, Life's A Rape Records, and who knows what. Join us, and keep an eye out for the "Different Kind of Grind: Two Human Hardcore Band Orgy."

Essayistic promo prose for Friday below:

What does David Lynch’s Inland Empire, a dark, grainy
journey through the dark side of America, have to do with the
actual Inland Empire, the geographical area bordering Los
Angeles just to the west? Aside from sharing a name, not much.
But consider the film’s opening shot: a turntable, spinning in the
dark, over and over, incredibly grainy and obviously video. It’s
this idea that we’re taking and running with over here, because
little known to Lynch and to much of America, there are some
angry punks in the kingdom and they’re letting you know. We
explore the highs and mostly lows of the down-and-out geniuses
behind labels like 16oh and Going Undergound, and bands such
as Loser Life, Heartbeatz, and the Contaminators, to name a few.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Playlist: April 28, 2008

repos - flame still burns
human mess - uncaged animal
baader brains - year zero

logs - thriving in volcanoes
sinaloa - what we could not move
montcalm - i stopped believing in existence

no age - sleeper hold
swinehood - in bad shape
valoids - kick my face

new bloods - eyes
formaldehyde junkies - road hazard
draize - long knives

no thanks - are you ready to die?
libyans - welcome to the neighborhood
young wasteners - ecuador

wolves - 16
daniel striped tiger - an errand to run
solidarity pact - the radical sabbatical

crime desire - in lucifer's grip
anti you - ask me if i give a fuck
john brown's army - royal

sex vid - always home
vivian girls - wild eyes
rodan - milk & melancholy

mark telfian - inappropriate behavior for a grown man

Inmates "Now We Talkin Hardcore" EP

darvocets - john titor
burn your bridges - revolution now! destroy the scene!
battletorn - intense warfare

soul swallower - dead fall
iron lung - stone hands
francis harold & the holograms - the eagle can't fly with one wing

condominium - hello tomorrow
practice - everyday tranquilizer
meltdown - cashing in

dangerloves - lipsmart
ugly law - wasted space
contaminators - human mess

civic progress - falling apart
waste management - strangled
meth teeth - to my good friends

dynamite arrows - hobo clown love song
godfodder - in the shit
daily void - mass communication culture

waco fuck - sociopathic society
cpc gangbangs - rich rich rich
state - fight to be free

Strike of the Week, Vol. 2 #11: Inmates "Now We Talkin' Hardcore" EP

This is the last strike of the semester, closing with a new EP from one of the best bands Cleveland has to offer. They had an LP, "Assholes Unanimous" out on Painkiller a while back and this is their newest material. Thick, raw, and really grimey sounding, these guys know how to make you feel great about your hardcore. No amateur bullshit and no pretensions, and as the label puts is: "NO METAL SHIT......., NO SKA ..........., NO LA LA LA ........, NO EMO CRAP ....... JUST GOOD OLD HARDCORE." If you're a fan of any Cleveland hardcore and wish you hadn't missed Gordon Solie Motherfuckers' last show, then this is the record for you. From Even Worse Records: "CLEVO TRADEMARK OBNOXIOUS,NIHILISTIC,OFFENSIVE STUFF,WITH SOME OF THEIR OWN TWISTED FUCKED UP HUMOR. "

A split release between Even Worse and Kangaroo Records, this might not be available through them so check some distros. Don't miss out.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Playlist: April 21, 2008

shorebirds - d.o.a.
bridge and tunnel - the rules of children's games
baader brains - be seeing you at camp delta

waco fuck - priced to sell
loser life - undressing you with my mind
darvocets - john titor

age of giants - prodigal son of benito mussolini
sinaloa - seek harbor
daitro - we're not all part of the same utopia

sex vid - always home
havaistys - tunnevammaiset
john henry west - shut yr mouth

crime desire - nadir
fuck this - die in the dirt

Francis Harold and the Holograms EP

brainworms - not heavy just awkward
waste management - strangled
drunks with guns - melissa explains it all

under pressure - skate for jesus (faceplant for me)
out cold - violent mood swing
apeshit! - hamster

contaminators - minimal minds
cheveu - el tortuga
condominium - let's die

meth teeth - to my good friend
godfodder - no sleep
erase errata - driving test

the daily void - mechanical teeth
scene creamers - session man
daniel striped tiger - untying knots

repercussions - savage mutilation
pissed jeans - don't need smoke to make myself disappear
belching penguin - hellhole

rajoitus - moraal ja jarki